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Winter Gathering
Jan. 27-30 2024

The goal of the Oly Dance Winter Gathering is to build and practice community that supports individuals and heals trauma through dance, music, creativity, human connection, humor, joy, and participation.  The Gathering is a weekend dance camp with live music, dance workshops, performances, games, food, and more.

Live Fusion Music


Dance Workshops


20+ Hours of Social Dancing


Gourmet catered meals
and lodging included!




3- 4pm: Setup (open to staff volunteers and anyone that wants to lend a hand!)

4: Registration opens

4-7: Meet and Greet

7-8: Welcome Dinner!

8-9: Fusion home basic workshop with David and Sunny

9 DJed Dance Party

10 Live Music with Laughing Matters

12-(Late!) After Party Dancing


Some food and drinks will be set out for early risers

10: Brunch


12-1 Contact Fusion w/ Andrew and CC

1:15-2:15 Performance Class with Roxx

2:15 Lunch


4-5 Dance is for everyone w/Divinity 

7-8 Dinner

8-9 Talent Show with Amica

9 Dance Party w/ Live music and DJs

12 After Party


Some food and drinks will be set out for early risers

10 Brunch


12-1 Walking with style! -  Eliza

1:15-2:15 Making “Wrong” Amazing w/ CC and Andrew

2:15 Lunch

4-5 Fusion Dance w/ Justin

6-9 Time Travel Cafe

9 Dance Party


Some food and drinks will be set out

9 clean up and goodbyes

12 Everything is clean and on the way to the next adventure

Each class is designed for all levels of dancers


Fusion home basic (Friday, 8pm): Get ready for a weekend of Fusion dancing with this all levels class. This class will calibrate you for having extra fun. You gotta take it to see, don't miss out!

Contact Fusion is a collective dance/game that allows you to dance with the entire room in one song! During a single song, you will organically swap between dancing solo, dancing with a partner, leading one partner while following another, and/or dancing with a group of people all naturally leading and following each other. Take this class to learn the techniques that allow you to smoothly transition between partnerships and naturally create your own spontaneous dance canvas with everyone else in the room. And good news, all the techniques in this class will also drastically improve your partner dancing too!

Making “Wrong” Amazing - Often in dance classes, you’ll learn that X is right and Y is wrong, or A is what the good dancers do and B is bad. These are often simplified explanations that can be helpful for newer dancers, especially when they are doing a very specific style of dance. However, these simplified explanations can also be extremely harmful to your ability to have amazing dances with those who do things differently from what you were taught was the right way. Plus, as you explore the “wrong” way, you will often learn how amazing it can be…if you just knew how to react differently. During this class, we will explore the “wrong” and “bad” to show you how to make them amazing!

Dance for everyone! This workshop will help us make our community more accessible for a more diverse scene.

Walking with Style

Exploring body postures, lag and connection points from Blues and West Coast Swing, that influenced the creation of Fusion.

Descriptions for other classes coming soon!

Performance from Laughing Matters!

Josh Gronner has been studying music since child hood. He's composed and performed with many successful entertainers such as Simon Cowell, Toni Braxton, Dave Koz, Cloris Leechman, Christopher Lloyd, Cary Elwes, and more. Being a partner dancer himself he understands how to bring the magic. Laughing Matters is the sweet hot nectar of genre-hopping sound-candy thwomp-sauce with melted chocolate and extra cuddles. Do not miss out on dancing to his music!

laughing matters.jpeg

Dance Teachers and DJ's!

Gathering class photo.jpg
More information

Saturday Night Talent Show: Get your act together! This is your time to shine, we will set you up with a wondrous stage, no need to be shy. Sign up now or the weekend of.


Sunday Time Travelers Cafe: You are invited to a tasting menu that will transport you time and space. Come with an open heart and mind. Dress up from any time or place.


Participation: You are invited to be an active participant. This could mean helping prepare meals, helping with set up / take down, performing in the talent show, or leading a skill share or game. It can also mean contributing in a way we haven't thought of yet!  Commit to having conversations and dances with people you don’t know. Be present by turning off computers and cell phones as much as possible.


Food: Meals are an important part of the community.  We will have some gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options if you have a restrictive diet plan on bringing some of your own food. Bring your own booze and some to share. Please let us know if you have any allergies and if you are vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free. 


Sleeping: Everyone spending the night must bring their own bedding, sheets, sleeping bag, pillow ect. Bunk rooms sleep 3 to 7 people in each room. The floor sleeping room will have more folks, bring a pad. All the rooms are well-heated. 

Location: Panhandle Lake 4 h camp 370 W Panhandle Lake Rd, Shelton, WA 98584

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 12.13.28 PM.png

DAnce Passes!

Want to volunteer for 50%-100% a Full Pass? AWESOME send us an Email at

Mega Supporter

Full pass ($300)

This is for folks that believe in the community and fun that we are making and are able to toss in extra support. Includes everything in a full pass


Full pass($240)

This is the regular price of our event! Just like the other full passes it includes, food, workshops, parties, and much more!

Low Income or Contributor

Full pass ($190)

Economic crisis got you down? Here is a no questions asked way to participate.  OR are you working tirelessly on your act for the talent show?  This is an option for you!

Day Pass ($90)

This is for any consecutive 24 hour period including live acts and meals and workshops

Just want to come to take a class? This is good for any one class you'd like

Workshop pass 

($20 each)

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