"Getting into fusion"
dance class

We are starting to host more fusion dances! Fusion dance doesn't have any specific steps, styles, or basic. It's just moving with your partner when the music moves you. We will be learning/using concepts from a variety of dance styles to interpret the music. 

What is Fusion dance? 

There are many descriptions out there, but OlyDance's is both "the combination of elements from different dance styles brought together to create a unique dance experience OR something completely new and unique on its own; usually based in partnership, connection, and interpretation". Can be done either solo or partnered to a variety of music.

Wednesdays, June 8th-29th


The Wizard House: 1620 Thurston Ave NE Olympia, WA

Pre-registration required: $60 for four-week series

No Partner Necessary. Limited Class size.

Please read our Covid policy before registration

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Limited class size, RSVP by email or the button below to guarantee a place (OlympiaDances@gmail.com)  We are complying with all local health recommendations for Covid-19 prevention. Do not attend if you are sick or experiencing symptoms or have been around anyone who has or suspected to have Covid-19