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Salsa Shiines & Stylings

Add some shines and stylings to your salsa (Salsa on 1). Prepare for this class by coming to our 8:30pm intro to salsa class we have every Friday!  We have this class maybe once a year so don't miss out!

Dates: Friday's, Decemeber 2nd-23rd

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Location: Equal Latin's Bar & Restauraunt

520 4th Ave E Olympia, WA 98501


Price: $80 includes classes and Friday Salsa admission for the whole month


Reminder: There are many ways to Salsa dance! We have people from different background and cultures come to our dance, each adding their own flavor. This class will just be another common approach


Prepare for the class by coming to our 8:30pm-9pm Intro to salsa lesson we have EVERY WEEK that is included with admission to Friday Salsa

Limited class size, RSVP by email or the button below to guarantee a place (  We are complying with all local health recommendations for Covid-19 prevention. Do not attend if you are sick or experiencing symptoms or have been around anyone who has or suspected to have Covid-19

Instructor: Rudy Romero

Rudy and David posing in their Tuesday swing hoodies, hosted by OlyDance.
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