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The shim sham!

We do it every week, now is your time to learn as a group. The Shim Sham is a classic line dance routine that originated in the 1930s and has since become a popular jazz dance routine that is enjoyed by dancers of all ages and levels. In this class, students will learn the basic steps and movements of the Shim Sham routine. Through repetition and practice, students will improve their rhythm, timing, coordination, and overall dance skills. This class is perfect for anyone looking to learn the routine, improve their technique, or simply have fun and get moving!

Taught by Undre Reed

Tuesdays, May 30th

Time: 6-7 pm

Olympia Eagles Ballroom: 805 4th Ave E Olympia, WA



Are times hard? Email us about a discount, we care about you

Price includes admission to dance following!

No Partner Necessary!

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Limited class size, RSVP by email or the button below to guarantee a place (  We are complying with all local health recommendations for Covid-19 prevention. Do not attend if you are sick or experiencing symptoms or have been around anyone who has or suspected to have Covid-19

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