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Salsa De rueda!
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Unlock the excitement of Cuban rhythms with Takechi Ruiz! 🕺 Join our thrilling Rueda de Casino class and elevate your dance skills. Experience the energy of this vibrant group dance where couples move in a circle, following the dynamic calls of a leader. With frequent partner switches, Rueda de Casino is all about teamwork, coordination, and perfect communication. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your dance journey and connect with others through the joy of movement. Sign up now and let the rhythm take you away!

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Thursday July 11-25th

*3 week series*

8 to 9pm, includes Latin Fusion night admission

Location: Olympia Eagles third floor (805 4th Ave E Olympia, WA)

Requirements: No partner necessary. This is an all level class, however a rudimentary understanding of salsa is encouraged.


$60 for all 3 weeks, $20 Drop-ins. Discounts for low income and student

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