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World Embrace Tango and OlyDance present the Olympia...

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Meet and Greet Practica with Olivia Teixeira and Fernando Lima, tango maestros from Buenos Aires- Come meet our International Guests for free!


Meet and Greet and Practica with Olivia and Fernando

Share a dance, watch a demonstration, drink some wine, or have some appetizers. Olivia and Fernando are visiting Olympia from Buenos Aires from November 22-December 9th.

They will be teaching a variety of tango classes to our local communities and are available for private classes as well. Whether you are just starting your tango journey or would like to enhance your dance, there is something just perfect for you during these upcoming weeks, we promise!

Come on down to the Eagles Bar in Olympia on November 22nd at 7PM and share a drink with us, meet our beautiful friends, and discover just how Olivia and Fernando can help you improve your dance! This event is open to ALL- new tango dancers, seasoned tango dancers, friends of tango dancers- and it is FREE!

Dancing Salsa

The Rhythmic side of Tango
Class Series at Equal Latin

Intro to Milonga (2 one-hour classes)

Friday November 24st and Friday December 1st


Drop-ins: $35 each

Triple class pack: $55 (only 20 tickets available, includes 2 intro to milonga classes and all dancer musicality tools 


$55 for a triple class pack to Olivia and Fernando’s Equal Latin class series (includes TWO Intro to Milonga classes AND Musicality Tools class on December 1)

This class will introduce the fundamental concepts of Milonga, the rhythmic dance of tango. We’ll
discuss musical qualities in the body, explore basic rhythmic patterns and demonstrate how the music of Milonga differs from Tango and Vals. Milonga is a rhythmic dance and an introduction to its basic
technique is valuable if you enjoy any upbeat, playful dance style. These skills will be transferable!

All Dancer Musicality Tools Friday December 1st (Single 1 hour class)

7:30-8:30, $35 drop-ins, $55 for an all-access pass to
Olivia and Fernando’s Equal Latin class series (includes 2 Intro to Milonga classes and Musicality Tools
class on December 1)

This class will investigate the commonalities of phrasing and contrast cross-culturally among dancers.
What creates an interesting, fun dance for both lead and follower? Contrast is the magic word! This class
will explore the musical dynamics in our bodies that are universal and will teach us how to recognize and execute these opportunities for both roles no matter the social dance.

Nov. 24th
& Dec 1st
The classes above are seperate from the Tango Rush weekend. Drop-ins only available at the door

Olivia and Fernando Tango Workshops
at the eagles december 2nd/3rd

2nd & 3rd

Each 90-minute class is $ 50 each

(There is one 30-minute class for $15)

Full access pass includes 6 classes ( 8 hours of instruction) and the "Yo soy el Tango" Olympia Grand Milonga entry fee for $200 ($340 for everything separately)


12/2 1:00pm-2:30pm Queen of Adornments Workshop

Come unlock the potential of your adornments with these highly specialized embellishments class! With
the Queen of Adornments herself, we’ll discuss when and how to adorn and explore how to use
adornments with different musical layers. You’ll find the freedom and confidence to embellish your
dance because the more you understand the structure of tango, the more you understand your freedom

within it! *This class is geared towards adornments for the follower but all dancers are welcome! By
studying the concepts of adornment as a leader, we can give more freedom to the follower for
expression and learn to embellish the dance for ourselves.

12/2 2:30pm-4pm Tango Fundamentals I
This class will do a deep dive into the nuances of the tango walk, embrace, and look at how the energy
vector influences the foundational movements of tango. We’ll learn techniques for control and fluidity,
and we’ll play with the energy that allows us to connect, communicate cand float together as one on the
dance floor.

12/2 6:00pm-7:30 Musicality I, Intro to Musical Qualities
This class will provide you with an introduction to the three major musical qualities in tango and how
they are differentiated within your body. We’ll look at the basic techniques of melodic, rhythmic and
dramatic qualities and discuss how each is distinctly used to create interest and contrast within the
tango. Olivia and Fernando will show you how we move between each technique, providing you with
basic tools to understand their key elements in your body.

yo Soy el tango milonga



12/3 12pm-1:30pm Tango Fundamentals II Managing Repertoire and Gaining Confident on the Social

You know the structure of tango and you know some figures, but do you know how to dance? Let’s
discuss how we make minute to minute decisions on the dance floor, no matter how much or how little
we know, or order to optimize our experience and deepen our connection with our partner. This class
will explore how to make choices according to the music, space and flow and show you how to adjust
your movements in real time.

12/3 2pm-3:30pm Musicality II Pairing the Musical Qualities in our Body with the Music
This class will study the structure of the tango orchestra and help you develop basic tools for listening to
the music while phrasing your dance on the social floor. We’ll look at our the three most common
musical techniques in the body and how they are danced to the major orchestras in tango.


Pre Milonga class 8-8:30PM Introduction to Variation $15 drop-in (waved with all-access rush pass)

    Yo Soy El Tango Milonga 8:30-12AM $25 door entry (waved with all-access rush pass)

    Olympia Eagles Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor, waved with all weekend pass  


Yo Soy El Tango is World Embrace Tango and Oly Dance’s premier milonga and kickoff tango dance event! This has been a long time in the making, and we are so excited that our first-ever milonga is with international DJ Fernando Lima and includes special performances from such esteemed, professional teachers and performers. Come celebrate and enjoy appetizers, drinks, special performances from Jennifer Jaymes, Fernando Lima and Olivia Teixeira! What an awesome event to support World Embrace Tango + Oly Dance’s debut milonga in Olympia, and more opportunities to dance tango in the South Sound!!

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