The OlyDance
Winter Gathering
December 3rd -6th

Oly Dance Winter Gathering (Dec 3rd-6th) at the beautiful and private Panhandle Lake camp near Shelton WA. The gathering is a weekend of dance with live swing music, dance workshops, performances, games, food, and more. Our goal is to build and practice community that supports individuals and heals trauma from pandemic fatigue through dance, music, creativity, human connection, humor, joy, and participation. 

Proof of vaccination required AND negative Covid test within 24 hours, rapid Covid-19 test available for purchase at the door for $10.


Friday Evening:

Intro to Swing Friday 6-7 pm

Live Swing Music! The Jessica Blinn Swingtet

DJed Dancing Every Night

Swing, Blues, Fusion, 90's dance party!

Featuring: DJ Oso, Rémy Baheux, David Accurso, and more!


Saturday Dance Workshops!

Swing Workshop with Bailey McCully.

Fusion Workshop with special guest


Live Performances!

Saturday evening: A Little Bit Off


Talent show!

Saturday night: Get your (short) act together, this is your time to shine.

Sunday Games Day!

Fun workshops and games during the day

Award ceremony in the evening.

90's Dance Party with DJ Oso and Fusion dancing.

Meals included!

Delicious group meals are provided Saturday and Sunday!



Full Weekend: $135 (I can’t believe it is that cheap!)

One Day Only: $75 

Volunteer Scholarships: email us!


Indoor sleep on the floor: Free!

Bunk bed: $20 for all three nights!

(Bunk bed rooms are well heated and in the lodge, bring your own bedding)

Camping or RV: $7.50 per night
Cold Open Air Cabin for up to 10 peopl$50 per night

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The Jessica Blinn Swingtet

We are excited to host an all-star lineup with some very talented musicians. Jessica is an excellent jazz singer that has become a local favorite. Jessica also brings tap dancing and violin to the stage. She is joined by Olympia icon Vince Brown on the jazz guitar.  We are also lucky to have  Brad Schrandt a very talented and musician. Get ready for a spirited romp through the roots of swing, jazz, and blues.

A Litte Bit Off performing excerpts from Beau & Areo

Beau & Aero combines slapstick comedy with elements of clown, acrobatics, dance, mime, and puppetry into an enchanting and unique style of physical theater. The show feels both classic and fresh, as it pulls on traditions of vaudeville and silent film. Beau & Aero has been touring the globe since 2014, winning over a dozen awards, and leaving sold out houses and delighted audiences in its wake. 

Beau and Aero.jpg
Bailey McCully

Bailey McCully has taught and performed across North America and Europe and is currently based out of Seattle, WA. Her classes are fun, energetic, and, most importantly, student-centered. She loves to explore personal style and creativity with her students, using music as a constant source of guidance and inspiration. Just as jazz music lets you hear the personality of the musician, Bailey believes that jazz dancing should reflect personality of the dancer. Dancing with a partner or dancing solo, Bailey exudes the joy of jazz with every step.

DJ Oso
(David Portugal and Mainstage Pro-light & Sound)

David Portugal is a musician, producer, music enthusiast, and Dj. David hails out of Tumwater WA. He spends his free time in his studio cataloging and making his own music. David has had over 20+ years to develop his amalgamation of sound. His emotive music selections are his own therapy. His love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing music and is dedicated to sharing his love for music. This translates into sets where he infuses all the pieces of music that every music lover could appreciate.

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Thank you for your support Sucreabeille!


Thanks for sponsoring The Winter Gathering! Your contributions are helping us incorporate many performers, musicians, teachers, keep ticket prices accessible to many and overall make The Winter Gathering extra special for the community.

"Sucreabeille is a vegan, cruelty free brand. We do our very best to keep updated with our suppliers to keep our commitment to just generally being ethical people, but if you ever see something that needs addressing, we'd love to hear from you!"

Oly Dance winter gathering  is sponsored by Surebeille

More teachers, performers, activites, and LIVE music to be announced! Send us an Email at