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Live music!

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Valentine's EVE Swing DAnce!
The Eden Lane Quartet LIVE February 13th

Step into the rhythmic embrace of Valentine's Eve Swing Social—an evening of lively beats and spirited dance. Let the timeless tunes set the stage for an enjoyable night of music, laughter, and the vibrant energy of LIVE Swing. Whether you're sharing the dance floor with a partner or grooving solo, join us for an inclusive celebration where everyone can revel in the joy of swing. Dress up, bring your enthusiasm, and make memories as the music moves you!

Jacqueline Tabor_TaborJAZZ MonyB 2.jpeg
Jacqueline Tabor
March 12th

Swing into an unforgettable night of live music with the sensational Jacqueline Tabor! Join us for a Swing Dance Extravaganza, where Jacqueline's captivating jazz vocals and timeless tunes will light up the dance floor. Experience the magic of live music, community, dance and fun.

Sleepy Lagoon.jpeg
Sleepy lagoon2.jpeg
Sleepy Lagoon!
April 16th

Get ready to swing and sway with Sleepy Lagoon. Hailing from Portland, OR, this dynamic trio—Pete Krebs, Brent Martens, and Doug Sammons—will infuse the night with dusty jazz vibes and a hint of Hawaiian charm. Join us for an evening of lively rhythms and infectious melodies that promise to make the dance floor come alive. Whether you're a seasoned swing dancer or just looking to tap your toes to the beat, Sleepy Lagoon's eclectic blend of music will create a memorable and swingin' experience.

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