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Who We Are

OlyDance is brought to you by David & Cora Accurso and Madison (A.k.A. Sunny) Paguirigan





What we're about

Our goal is to build and practice community that supports individuals and heals trauma through dance, music, creativity, human connection, humor, joy, and participation. Financial accessibility is important to us, let us know if money is the reason you can't come. Our goal cannot be accomplished alone, we are grateful to all of the support that our community both new and old has given us

Values we want our community to uphold
  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Inclusiveness

  • Empathy

  • Safety

  • Consent

  • Participation

  • Diversity


About David Accurso:

A serious student of music and dance, David earned a Bachelors of Arts from the Evergreen State College with a focus in Dance and Comparative Movement.  David’s interdisciplinary approach draws from Lindy Hop, ECS, Balboa, Blues, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Modern Jazz, Odissi (Indian Classical), Ballet, swimming, and musicianship.  David considers himself a social dancer even though he has won or placed in Lindy, Blues and Fusion competitions as well as recognized for his choreography.  Kabby Mitchell III, Christine Corey, Brenda Russell, Justine Riley, and Frankie Manning have all had a profound impact on David’s approach, and he still seeks out mentors and collaborators to partner with his special type of magic. David has been teaching classes, leading workshops and giving private lessons since 2007, and has since taught around the US as well as internationally. His classes are fun, social, and empowering for the mind, body, and partnership. David's love of dance is contagious. 

For private lessons text or call David (360) 970-9881

or email us at


About Madison Paguirigan (aka Sunny):

Sunny has been dancing for 13 years and started Social dancing in 2012. He currently teaches East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Blues, and Fusion; Although he dances several more styles. One of his favorite things about partnered dance is how much of an expressive language it is. Sunny's first introduction to dance was with his Filipino father when he was 12 years old, "Listen, guys in our family know how to dance. Get up time to learn." Their father started them with basic rhythm work and later taught him a little Latin dance; constantly telling him things like "You just can't care what others think" and "You just gotta go for it". Next he studied hip-hop dancing for a few years until he attended Tacoma School of the Arts where he would go on to learn/teach swing dancing. As well as study Modern, Ballet, and Hip-hop. Out of all kinds of people his favorite students are two-left footed beginners because he started out as one too. Sunny puts his full heart into dance.

For private lessons text or call Sunny (360) 223-7425

or email us at

David, In a world fraught with dense complex ubiquitous suffering, I appreciate you spreading joy with your message of dance. 

Thank you!!!!! Thank you very much for your classes and sharing your Love of dance. 

- Dale Armstrong


Your classes are great and your instruction is excellent. I've experienced a lot of teachers and different forms of dancing with instructions and without. You do very well.

- Sonia Telesco

Dear OlyDance, Thank you for being. This dance was the best possible birthday present for a far from home traveler,

Love, from Miles

You guys gave me a home. I was working 3 jobs and recovering from addiction and I needed some sort of creative outlet.  Oly Dance provided so much more: a safe haven, a place for self-expression, a family. Thank you 

- Anonymous

This space you have created has been absolutely profound in my life. Thank you so much for all your work time and dedication! 

- Lucia

Awesome experience in music, place, and dance Thank you!

- Maggie

You taught me so much and I’m grateful to have gotten to learn from you.

- Alanna

Thank you for being a wonderful role model and teacher.

- Anonymous

I still see dance as a huge gift. As my first teacher, I always credit you for opening up my world to dance by creating an environment where it felt fun and possible. I know I’m never going to be the most coordinated or strongest dancer on the dance floor, but for me it has never been about that. It just feels healthy! I’ll always be grateful. 

Thank you, David!

- Sarah


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