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Dance classes

A Quick Summary of our Classes

Here at OlyDance we believe partner dancing is a language in itself. We do our best to provide fun and relevant content so you can take your dance all over the world in your adventures or on some of ours. Taking dance classes is a great way to support the community.

FAQ and testimonials at the bottom 

Our class series are all 4 weeks long and do not require a partner. "A, B, and C" class series can be taken out of order and have different content.

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Zouk dance classes

What is the difference between our series classes and our included intro lessons?

Our series classes are four weeks long, hour each, and deliver more of an in-depth approach and change in content from month to month.

Our included intro lessons are every week, 30 minutes, and designed to get you and your friends dancing the night away. Even though taking it once is enough, we recommend taking it multiple times. It's also an accessible way beginners can start out without any additional charge to the social dance afterwards.

What if life happens and I need a refund?

Even though we do get charged for each refund, times are crazy and we want to ensure a full refund if something happens

If I pay the drop-in rate to the first class of the series and decide later I want to do the whole month, can just I pay the difference for the full month?

Yes! We love making money when possible, however we always try to keep our classes as financial accessible as possible!

What if I have no money?

In order to keep our prices as low as we can we need the help of volunteers. We give $20 worth of credit for 1 hour of volunteering. We mostly need help watching the door, setting up, and taking down our events. If you have a different way you want to volunteer for us and the community, email us at 

Two people dancing at Tuesday Swing hosted by OlyDance. Go to
Sunny and Jeff swing dancing at Tuesday Swing hosted by OlyDance. Go to
Rudy Romero Teaching class at Friday Salsa hosted OlyDance. Go to
5 people posing at Tuesday Swing hosted by OlyDance. Go to


Thank you very much for your classes and sharing your Love of dance. Your classes are great and your instruction is excellent. I've experienced a lot of teachers and different forms of dancing with instructions and without. You do very well.

- Sonia

Thank you for being a wonderful role model and teacher.

- Anonymous

You taught me so much and I’m grateful to have gotten to learn from you.

- Alanna

I still see dance as a huge gift. As my first teacher, I always credit you for opening up my world to dance by creating an environment where it felt fun and possible. I know I’m never going to be the most coordinated or strongest dancer on the dance floor, but for me it has never been about that. It just feels healthy! I’ll always be grateful. Thank you, David!

- Sarah

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