Winter Gathering

The goal of the Oly Dance Winter Gathering is to build and practice community that supports individuals and heals trauma through dance, music, creativity, human connection, humor, joy, and participation.  The Gathering is a weekend dance camp with live music, dance workshops, performances, games, food, and more.

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Saturday Night Talent Show: Get your act together! This is your time to shine, we will set you up with a wondrous stage, no need to be shy. Sign up now or the weekend of.


Sunday Time Travelers Cafe: You are invited to a tasting menu that will transport you through time and space. Come with an open heart and mind. Dress up from any time or place.


Participation: You are invited to be an active participant. This could mean helping prepare meals, helping with set up / take down, performing in the talent show, leading a skill share or game. It can also mean contributing in a way we haven't thought of yet!  Commit to having conversations and dances with people you don’t know. Be present by turning off computers and cell phones as much as possible.


Dress Up Sunday: Time traveler! So many opportunities from so many different times and places.


Food: Meals are an important part of the community.  We will have some gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options, if you have a restrictive diet plan on bringing some of your own food. Bring your own booze and some to share. Please let us know if you have any allergies and if you are vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, or gluten free. 


Sleeping: Everyone spending the night must bring their own bedding, sheets, sleeping bag, pillow ect. Bunk rooms sleep 3 to 7 people in each room. The floor sleeping room will have more folks, bring a pad. All the rooms are well heated. 


Have fun, make connections, dance, and spread joy!

Thanks for making this possible.


Dance Workshops: TBA


Live Music and DJs: TBA

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