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We are saddened to announce we are suspending Thursday Fusion as well as classes due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  As much as it hurts we feel it is the right thing to do. We hope to do our part in relieving the strain on our medical system as much as possible and to protect our communities' most at-risk members. Thank you all for your support, dancing, and love. It is unclear when we will be reopening our events back up, we will be following the case closely to determine when the best time to reopen. If you have paid in advance for classes we offer full refunds. Please keep dancing in your living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. We are all in this together. Of course, it is a financial loss to us but more importantly, it is our community, our lives, our art. If you want to make a financial contribution to help us cover expenses you can PayPal us at olympiadances@gmail.com.

Thank you all for dancing!

What is Fusion dance? 

There are many descriptions out there, but OlyDance's is both "the combination of elements from different dance styles brought together to create a unique dance experience OR something completely new and unique on its own; usually based in partnership, connection, and interpretation". Can be done either solo or partnered to a variety of music.

Thursday Fusion Schedule(Every Week):

  • 8pm-9pm Drop-in Partnered Blues Dance lesson

  • 9pm-9:30pm Included Intro to Fusion lesson

  • 9:30pm-Midnight Thursday Fusion dance party!

Why? To have fun, dance, and connect with people in our community!

When: Postponed 

Where: Downtown Olympia at Equal Latin Bar & Restaurant

 520 4th Ave E Olympia, WA 98501

Who? Anyone! No partner required. Fusion dancing is done all over the world by people of. Thursday Fusion at Equal Latin is an all ages event. However the vibe can seem more adult. 

How much?

 $5 Includes access to the half hour intro lesson and dance party

$10 includes every class and entry to the dance party


What if I'm not a dancer or know zero styles of dance?

         Perfect! Olympia is a great incubator for new dancers. There are always several new dancers there every week. Plus, our community is forgiving, kind, and supportive! Dance however your body moves you whether it is solo or partnered, and if you are having fun and not hurting anyone you are doing it right!

          However if you want to expand your dance through classes. Great! We highly recommend it, expanding your dance is an exciting/never ending journey. We offer several classes at affordable prices!


For eleven years, we danced every Thursday night. (2008 - 2019) It has been a journey of creativity, community, inspiration, and fun. The reason for this almost year long break was due to a difficulty in finding a venue worthy of our community, but not anymore! Thank you to everyone that has been a part of the magic over the years.

The Thursday Fusion a weekly dance, formerly known as OlyBlues and the Slow Dance was founded in 2008 by Christine Corey and David Accurso. Rémy Baheux was instrumental in the fusion music and dancing influences. Many other people have contributed to the success of this fun creative weekly dance. Thank you all very much :)