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Thank you so much for checking out our website, the buttons below are some of the special events we got coming up!

Tuesday Swing at the Eagles

Social Swing dancing at the Olympia Eagles Grand Ballroom every Tuesday from 7:30-10pm. There is also an included Intro Lesson at 7pm

Facebook event photo.jpg

Salsa social dancing every Friday at Equal Latins from 9-midnight. Never partnered dance before? Checkout our Intro to Salsa Lesson 8:30pm

Friday Salsa at Equal Latins
Salsa Social.jpg
Spring gathering.jpg

Private lake dance party weekend full of partner dancing, live music, performances & more. 

Entire weekend will be at the Panhandle Lake 4H Camp

Save the Dates January 27th, 28th, 29th

David and Cole Swing Dancing at the OlyDance Retreat. Go to

Dance classes

All of our dance classes are available for registration online as well at the door. Here at OlyDance we work hard to make sure our classes are fun, approachable, and relevant to what the rest of the world is doing so you can take your dance on all of your adventures.

David and Kathy teaching swing dancing at Tuesday Swing hosted by Olydance. Go to
Andrea and Lucia at OlyDance Tuesday Swing swing dancing.

Are we open?



This is where you can find out if we are closed or open. Thank you as we adapt to covid

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