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Friday Salsa

Join us for fun, community, and dancing every Friday at Equal Latin's Restaurant & Bar. Dance to a variety of music like Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, etc. People dance from all over the world with us bringing different styles to the community. Just like how a language can have dialects, accents, and slang, yet still be understood. We don't believe there is a "correct" way to dance, as long as it's to the music and you and your partner are having fun!

Time: Every Friday: Series class 7:30-8:30, Intro lesson 8:30-9:00, Social Dance 9 pm-Midnight

Location: Equal Latins Bar & Restaurant - 520 4th Ave E Olympia, WA

Admission: $10 at the door cash, card, check (Discounts for those that need it)


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Our Team
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Rudy Romero

Rudy is originally from Albuquerque, NM and has been teaching various forms of dance for nearly 20 years. He prides himself in teaching carefully crafted instruction and is always willing to take the extra time to help students connect to concepts. Along with producing a internet radio show and helping organize dance events, Rudy is currently studying computer programming at the Evergreen State College.

For private lessons call or text: 1(505) 514-9518

David Portugal

David is a musician, producer, music enthusiast and Dj. David hails out of Tumwater WA. He spends his free time in his studio cataloging and making his own music. David has had over 20+ years to develop his amalgamation of sound. His emotive music selections are his own therapy. His love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing music and is dedicated to sharing his love for music. This translates into sets where he infuses all the pieces of music that every music lover could appreciate.

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Sunny Paguirigan 

Born and raised in Olympia, WA, Sunny is dedicated to bringing more dancing to the Olympia dance community. Catch him at the door, taking photo/video or ask him about volunteering for free admission. Although new to the language of Salsa and Bachata Sunny has always loved the music and dancing.

David Accurso

A serious student of music and dance, David earned a Bachelors of Arts from the Evergreen State College with a focus in Dance and Comparative Movement.  David’s interdisciplinary approach draws from Lindy Hop, ECS, Balboa, Blues, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Modern Jazz, Odissi (Indian Classical), Ballet, swimming, and musicianship. David has been teaching classes, leading workshops and giving private lessons since 2007, and has since taught around the US as well as internationally. His classes are fun, social, and empowering for the mind, body, and partnership. David's love of dance is contagious.

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