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Covid Policy

OlyDance's Covid policy should not be used as medical advice. Continue to listen to your doctors and the CDC. We are currently updating everything that requires vaccination. Policy below

Covid Policy: Updated 03/15/2022

This applies to all OlyDance events and classes.

It is your choice to wear a mask

(we are currently updating everything that says masks required)

Please be caring and conscious that this might be a sensitive transition for people. You could try approaching people with a mask on, then have a quick & casual conversation on what their mask preference is. We highly encourage wearing a mask (KN94 or KN95 seem to work the best)

Stay at home if you are sick or have been exposed  

Upon arrival you must:

Provide proof of Covid vaccination

Valid proof of vaccination includes - Vaccination card, photo of vaccination card, and online registries.

Do you think we should accept your other proof of vaccination? Send us an email!

If you are not vaccinated, you must provide one of the following:

  • A positive Covid laboratory test that is at least 2 weeks old.

  • A doctor's note that you have had Covid

  • A semi-quantitative anti-spike antibody test and demonstrate antibodies are >1000