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OlyDance Retreat

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About the OlyDance Retreat - August 21st

          Live Swing Music is back! We are excited to announce The LaVon Hardison Swingtet! LaVon is a professional jazz and pop singer with a smooth, effortless sound and irresistible stage presence. Collaborating with LaVon is Vince Brown (guitar), Brad Schrandt (horn), Steve Luceno (bass) and Maria Joiner Wulf (drums). Get ready for a spirited romp through the roots of swing, jazz, and blues.


          Grab your dancing shoes, but also swimsuit, sleeping bag, mountain bike, or even your horse. We have our own camp! Spend the day swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, riding, or dancing around our very own private lake. Partake in Dance workshops! Lindy, Salsa, and Blues. Improve your dancing or add a new style. For dinner, we will be hosting a lakeside potluck BBQ.  Then dance the evening away with The LaVon Hardison Swingtet!  Fusion Dance After Party! Dorm beds and open-air cabins are included with the “Everything Pass.”

More details are coming here soon.

          Vaccinated only with proof of vaccination. Everything will be outside except for bathrooms . The event will be capped at less than 1/6 occupancy including staff, musicians, volunteers, attendees. (get your tickets soon to ensure a spot!) 

$60.00 Everything Pass: 3 dance classes, lake activities, live music, after party with live DJ’s, even a camp bed (bring your own bedding)

$25 Live Music Pass: Live swing Music dance party 7pm-10pm

$20 Class pass (per dance class): Choices - Salsa, Blues, or swing class


Discount tickets and volunteer positions available by email.


Saturday, August 21st

12:30pm: Check in

1pm-2pm: Salsa Dance class with Rudy Romero

2pm-4pm: Free time!

4pm-5pm: Swing Dance Class with Undre Reed 

5pm-6pm: Blues Dance class with David Accurso

6pm-7pm: Dinner time!

7pm-10pm: Live Music Dance Party with LaVon Hardison and the Dream Swingtet

10:15pm until late:  After party with a variety of dance music from featured OlyDance DJ's

Sunday, August 22nd

Please pack-up and depart by 11am

And of course you can opt out of our scheduled program and do whatever you want!

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