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Holding Hands


6:30 pm Check-in

6:45 pm Important instructions on how things work

7:00 pm Queer Speed dating 

8:00- 8:30 pm - Intro to Fusion dance lesson for total beginners


8:30-10:30 pm - Thursday Fusion dance party! 


Are you tired of online and dating apps? Are you wondering about the best way to meet & make new friends? Are you looking for genuine human connection? You have come to the right place. Get to know several people on mini dates all within an hour and maybe it will lead to something more!


This Queer Speed friending and dating is open to everyone 21+. Everyone will be meeting everyone. Are they a flirt, friend, or something else? We welcome more than just romantic connections at this event. We encourage you to stay after to mingle and dance at our Thursday Fusion (Included with your ticket!)

Paper Heart

We have accessible pricing for those that need it. Please email us.

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